After years of inactivity, the Circle of Justice has returned back into the Roleplay scenario.

The Circle has existed for many years, fighting the enemies of the Alliance as a military organization at first, but with the last war against the Legion we have changed into a more varied and diverse group because of the various necessities that the conflict against the Legion created. We are now not only formed by soldiers, but also by craftsmen, merchants, diplomats, priests, mages and many more, that now that the war is over are looking to come back home, to rejoin society and go back to their lives. The Circle of Justice is also always looking for new recruits from different backgrounds to add their capabilities and knowledge to the guild.

Our variety is our strength, giving arise to various roleplay opportunities and scenarios, from exploration, to war, to the politic world of roleplay. We gather at least once a week at our headquarters to roleplay together. Our members also prepare storylines of their own and events to roleplay the rest of the week and also join other events. You can contact Flemk (or another officer) ingame if you have are insterested to join the Circle of Justice in its adventures. Or proceed to our forums and apply!


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