Raiding Agreement - General

With every expansion, we will start as soon as the raids open. Our goal will be to have fun and clear the raids on Heroic before the next tier opens.

On Monday is the progress raid whose goal will be to clear Heroic as quickly as possible. These raids will be more focused on progress and will be stricter. Make it known to an Officer if you would like to join the Progress raid.

We will rotate the raid leaders so they won't burn out. We will never expect anyone to raid more than twice a week even if they sign for progression-focused raiding. You can raid all three days, but you don't have to.

Mains & Main Switches

Your Main has to be noted in the mains list.
Want to switch main (spec)? Contact an Officer.


The raid signup sheet will be up on the Notice-board channel of discord the roughly the week before the raid. This means the Wednesday and Thursday signup sheets will be up on Friday and the Monday signup sheet will be up on Monday. The setup for the raids will be up the day of the raid.

The raid starts at 20:00 but to make sure everything is in order, you are expected to be present at 19:45 to finish up any loose ends we might have left.


If you need the item that drops, need it. If you want the item for off-spec, greed it. Anything else you pass. With these baselines do keep in mind that we play in a community. Consider passing if you already got a few items in this raid or if it's just a side grade while someone else gets a bigger upgrade.

Bind on Equip items dropped in the raid will belong to the guild bank. These items will be up for sale for members, priority given to raiders who were present when it dropped, for 50% auction house price. If no one of the members present wants it, everyone else in the guild can buy it. After a couple of days, the item will be sold in the Auction House to generate funds for the Guild. This is to provide any materials we are missing or for repairs. This means that everyone will have to pass on the BoE so an officer can take it and put it in the guild bank.


We will be using our Discord server for communication during the raid. We would like you to be quiet during the explanation of the raid-leader, and during fights we are still struggling with. During trash and fights we are comfortable with we can banter all we like. If your background noise is excessive you might be asked to put yourself to push-to-talk.


For raiding, there are more than a few consumables. There's a difference in what we require for our different raids, these exact differences can be read in the corresponding raiding agreement.


- Potions (Alchemy)
- Phials (Alchemy)
- Food (Cooking)
- Sharpening stones (Leatherworking)
- Ranged Weapon Augments (Engineering)
- Runes (Inscription)

The enchants are different from previous expansions and as such we will handle them differently. The corresponding raiding agreement will note which items you will have to enchant.


- Weapon (special)
- Cloak (tertiary stat)
- Chest (main stat)
- Bracers (tertiary stat)
- Boots (speed or stamina)
- Rings (secondary stat)

Legs enhancement:

- Spellthread (intellect)
- Armor Kit (Strength and Agility


Mandatory as long as the guild bank can provide.

The Guild Vault will always try to ensure the availability of the above.


For invites, the raid leaders use the addon Exorsus raid tools. Whisper them the word 'invite123' to receive an automatic invite. This automatic invite will be turned off at or slightly before 20:00 so make sure you are on time.

During encounters, you won't be invited, as soon as the encounter ends you'll receive an invite.


There are a couple of add-ons we require of our raiders. These are:
- Deadly Boss Mods(DBM) or Big Wigs(BW)
On top of that we advise the use of the WeakAuras addon and may require it for the occasional boss.


To prevent members from murdering each other we decided to ban these toys from the raid:
- Piccolo of the Flaming Fire
- Toy Train Set
- Moonfeather Statue