Everyone is allowed to join the social raids as long as they meet the requirements. We do not require any of our social raid members to have any raid attendance, raiding is not mandatory. You should join because you enjoy raiding, whether that is twice per week or twice per year. However, we want you to follow the following requirements.


- Meet the requirements on the signup sheet
- If you want to join you'll have to sign to reduce the amount of chaos natural to organized raiding.

If you didn't sign, or show up late, but can and want to join and meet the requirements specified above notify RL, it is up to them whether you can or can't join at that point. If you sign tentative other raiders will be prioritized and a raid spot can't be guaranteed.


The following consumables are mandatory for the Social Raid:
- Phials
- Weapon Runes/Sharpening Stones/Weight Stones
- Health Potions
- Food

The Guild Vault will always try to ensure the availability of the above. When unavailable, you will need to bring your own. Arrange this BEFORE the raid.


All gear from 359 and above is required to be enchanted, use cheaper enchants for these.
All equipment from 372 and above will need full enchants, use the best enchants we can provide for these.

For the first few raids, we won't require a weapon enchant.