For the people who are more progression oriented, who want a real challenge in their raiding, we would like to offer a more professional raiding environment. To make sure we can guarantee this professionality you will have to get approved, with the final yay of the progression raid lead. For this approval, they'll need logs from warcraft logs. They can't make a judgment call if there is no data.


At the start of the patch there will be a signup sheet to sign for the progression raid team.
During the expension or patch you can apply to the progressionraid by talking to one of the raidleaders (social or prog), they will send you in the direction for your application.

Common rules and mindset

1. You sign as person, not as a character. We will try to focus on your main character during progression (stability is key in performance). It is up to the raidleader if he/she wants you on your alt or not*.
- It is not required to have an alt for the progression raid.
2. Dont be a dick. Everyone is learning and everyone wants to kill the next boss on the list. Mistakes happen and we need to learn from them.
3. Sometimes we can be full in a particular role. Raidleading will always try to fit you in. In order to help the Progression raid you might want to think of:
- Having an offspec you can play on your main.
- Having a valid alt*.
- Having no issue with being benched once in a while. We rather not use this option.
4. You will have to sign every time, we cannot prepare a raid without knowing who is comming or not. That said, once you signed for the progresison raid team we are expecting you to join. This also means that you should contact one of the Raid Leaders when you can't make it.
5. You can be removed from the group if you no longer fulfill the requirements set in this agreement. A progression focused group demands more commitment than a social one.
6. Be aware that there will be a lot of wipes as we're learning the fights. We are not going to talk down individuals when a wipe happens.
7. In the end we are all together to have some fun and kill bosses.
* Alts for progression raids also have to comply with the requirements


- Commitment of joining at least every monday, with a strong suggestion to also join one of the social raid night. Having a laugh and helping your fellow guildmembers on killing bosses.
- Follow the Raidleader during an encounter - after a wipe suggestions can be made sparingly, but the Raidleader will always have the final say.
- If you have big suggestions for change of a fight we already downed, you will be asked to put it on the forums so everyone can take a closer look at this.
- The addon WeakAuras 2 (for some fights certain weak auras are needed).


All possible consumables for raids are required. No questions asked.
The Guild Vault will always try to ensure the availability of all the consumables. When unavailable, you will need to bring your own. Arrange this BEFORE the raid.

Progression night

We expect everyone to be on time, 19:45. We want to pull the first boss of the night on 20:00.

A raid will consist out of assists (all raiders), one assigned loot assist and one or two raidleaders.
Tactics on a progressionboss are subject to change during the night, everyone's feedback and suggestions are welcome. It is up to the raidleader to go with a change or not.
Tactics on a farmboss are not subject to change during the night, we know how to kill it and lets kill it. We kindly ask you to put up sugestions beforehand on the forum or #raid-chat in Discord. This way it can be reviewed and be understood by your fellow raiders and your raidleader.


All raid BoE's will go to the guildbank and be sold for half the AH price to raiders. If no guildmember wants it it will be sold on the AH to fund our consumables and events. This lootrule is non negotiable and is not up for discussion.

Closing statement

"When you join our progress raid you conform to the Circle of Justice style of progress raiding. If you cannot do this, you cannot be in this group." - Desienna, Archon of the Circle of Justice

If you have any questions, please contact your raid-leader or state your question in #raid-chat in Discord.

~ Kenny